Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We provide our clients with various digital marketing services through our qualified team who always keep up with the latest updates in that field.

We do our work according to an accurate strategy based on market research and competitive analysis. This strategy includes the marketing objectives, the target audience, the budget and the best digital tools that achieve them. Our digital marketing services include:

Search engine Marketing 

Google display network

It’s a type of ads that appear on particular websites or mobile applications related to your products and services, or the content of the ad.  

There are several types of display ads such as:
- Text ads: a headline and two-line text, besides URL address.
- Banner: Fixed or movable
- Mobile application ads.

Our services include:
- Identifying ad location "Multiple locations can be selected "
Design and create the content of the advertisement.
- Monitor ad campaign performance ü Monthly reports

Google search network

It’s a type of paid ads that lets your website appear in the top results of the search engine while using specific keywords, related to your products and services or the content on your website. It directs your audience to take a specific action such as visiting the website, calling you or registering their data. 

Search engine ads enable you to reach your target customers in a timely manner, because your ad appears to the customer while searching for your product or services on the search engines, so the probability of buying the product via search engine ads is higher.

You can define the search keywords and the locations that you want your ad to appear at, such as “Egypt, Cairo”.

You only pay for the ad when your customer clicks on it and moves to the website “cost per click” or calls you using “call now” button attached to the ad while browsing from a mobile phones.

Our service includes: 
- Analyzing and identifying keywords.
- Design and create the content of the advertisement.
- Monitor ad campaign performance ü Provide monthly reports on ad campaign performance

Search engine optimization

With the SEO service you will increase traffic to your website. Our professional team improves the visibility of your website, and gets it on the first page of the search engine results, when the audience use particular keywords, related to your services or the website content.

Statistics show that about 90% of Internet users trust only the sites that appear on the first page of search results, so that making your website appear in the results of the first page is necessary.

If you have a valuable website, but it does not appear in search engine results, then it is considered “non-existent”.

Google arranges the websites on the search engines according to more than 200 factors. Our duty is to optimize your website according to these factors.

SEO is an affordable digital marketing method as you don’t pay for the website appearance on the top results

Our service includes:
- Competitive analysis 
- A strategy for the search engine optimization.
- Keyword research
- On page SEO: “uploading content, H1, H2, internal links, Page loading time, ALT tag
- Off page SEO: Backlinks, social signals، social bookmarking.
- Technical SEO: Optimizing the website for crawling and indexing, developing UX, creating rebots.txt and sitemap.xml.


Youtube Ads

There are more than 1.9 Youtube user monthly. Through Youtube ads you can reach a massive number of your target audience using several types of ads such as:
- Skippable ads: allow the user to skip the ad after watching 5 seconds. It appears before, during or after watching the video.
- Non skippable ads: The user has to watch the whole ad to watch the main video  
- Banner ads: appear on the left side of the video or on the suggestion list.
- Overlay ads: appear on the lower 20% portion of your video.  

Our service includes:
- Analyzing and identifying the channels and video where the ads will appear on.
- Creating ad content. 
- Monitoring ad campaign performance.
- Monthly reports.

Universal APP Ads

They are a type of google ads that help you generate more app installs and/or drive in-app conversions. You can promote your iOS or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more. Google identifies your best performing ads and shows them to the most relevant users. 

Our service includes:
- Analyzing and identifying the type of the ad.
- Design and create the content of the advertisement.
- Monitor ad campaign performance.
- Provide monthly reports on ad campaign performance. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the quickest way to reach massive numbers of the target audience all over the world at a lower cost.
Social media platforms enable you to reach specific audience, according to their ages, job titles, interests, gender, education and geographical areas.
Through social media channels you can communicate with your audience, let them know more about your products or services, answer their questions and build long-lasting relationships with them to maintain brand loyalty.  

Our team manages your accounts and ad campaigns on “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Our service includes:

Social media management:
- Analysing competitor’s accounts.
- ‏Social media strategy. 
- Monthly content plan.
- Replying to messages and comments. 
- Monthly reports for account performance. 
Suggestion for optimizing account performance. 

Social media advertising: 
- Strategy for ad campaigns
- Developing buyer persona
- Monitoring the ad campaign performance
- Measuring and analysing the campaign results. 

Social media analytics “listening & monitoring” 

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools, especially for B2B marketing. 
E-mail marketing enables you to communicate directly and privately with specific audience, according to your E-mail list. You can customize your marketing message, and use the appropriate tone of voice for every single client. With E-mail marketing you can build long-lasting relationships with your audience and measure the campaign results easily. 

Our service includes:
- A strategy for successful E-mail marketing campaign.
- ‏Define the segmentation of your target audience, according to your E-mail list to customize the marketing message and make its tone of voice suitable for each of them.
- Send E-mails to your target audience and measure their performance

- We ensure that your audience receive your marketing message inbox instead of the spam folder.
- We provide a browser version of the sent e-mails to ensure that the client has read your message. 

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phone is one of the most important means by which you can reach large numbers of target audience, especially with the ever-increasing number of mobile phone users. It’s also an effective, quick and low cost digital marketing tool that enables you to communicate directly with your target audience. 
There are several forms of mobile marketing, including:
- LBA SMS: Sending the marketing message to people in a certain place at a certain time "For example, if you are participating in an exhibition you can send your message to the audience there to inform them of your offers”  
- Bulk SMS: Sending the marketing message to a massive number of the audience in just few seconds.  
- Targeted SMS: Sending the marketing message to specific people selected according to specific terms.  

Video Production

Video is one of the effective tools that enables you to achieve your marketing objectives, as 55% of the internet users watch videos daily according to Digital information world, videos on Facebook get more than 8 Billion views daily according to social media today, and 64% of the audience buy the product after watching a video about it according to ComScore. 
Our services include shooting real videos about your company, factories, branches and products. They present the company's history and more details about products or services helps increase the credibility and the trust of your company.

Animation Videos

Animation videos deliver your marketing message at a lower cost. They are produced in a short period of time. You can use animation videos to help the audience get to know your products in a simple way, and to present ideas or scenes that are hard to shoot or requires a large budget.
We offer 2D & 3D motion graphics, White board, and Infographics videos that deliver your marketing message through a story board consists of a number of scenes that are presented in attractive designs with sound and visual effects.

Content Marketing

Content is a key part of a successful marketing campaign, as it grabs your audience’s attention to your message among the millions of messages that they get daily. 
Our team provides you with creative content that gets your audience interested in your company and its products or services, and helps you gain their trust.

What we do?

Creative monthly content plan for your social media accounts with eye-catching designs include: 
- Innovative images and GIFs.
- Videos and live videos. 

Valuable content for websites and blogs to improve their ranking on search engine results, and make them be as trusted sources of information.

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