Promotional services

Promotional services

We provide you with Promoters, Merchandisers, Mystery Shopping, and complete Promotional Campaigns. Our promoters role is to display, promote and sell your products or service. They also follow up with your clients after purchase to reach the maximum satisfaction level. 

We have the ability to display the products on shelves or stands in the way that gets the maximum impact, activates and energizes brands, we are always there to make certain that our clients stand out from the crowd and their products are in stock on the shelves all the time.

Whether the requirement is for a team of promoters, merchandisers or mystery shoppers, be it a dedicated Consumer Electronics, FMCG, or any other business field segment, Rayat Marketing is known for its competitive edge towards providing the best suited teams for you on territorial and national coverage base.

Key to Rayat Marketing’s success in the field arena is its excellent staff retention rates, initial and ongoing commitment to sales training, team motivation and personal development.

Promoters & Merchandising teams are actively supported & managed by Team Leaders, Account Managers, Supervisors and Mystery Shoppers team - on a day to day basis focusing on the quality of sales and customer service. 
A Retail Online Service Operation System (RayatDynamics©)

A Retail Online Service Operation System is a fully automated platform for planning, managing and reporting operations on a local & national scale. It is put to use by Rayat Marketing’s team throughout their operational activities.  

Access to this system is customized for Rayat’s clients to oversee specific data about performance reports introduced on day to day basis by Rayat’s designated team serving their Brands on a territorial basis.

The System seamlessly manages everything from
identifying the locations of Promoters & Merchandisers to managing them, and collecting data towards generating specialized reports.

Key system highlights include: 

•  A Fully comprehensive retail service operation system.
•  No limit to the number of data points that can be collected with uninterrupted data collection frequency.
•  Data automatically updated and pushed to the client’s dashboard through web and mobile devices.
•  Automated analysis through pictures, videos and graphs.
•  GPS-enabled execution maps for real-time individual store results and analytics.

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