Project Description



Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones
wanted to conduct a survey about how the visitors are satisfied with the
services provided in “Modon” lake in the Eastern area and their knowledge of


The challenge was to conduct the survey of around 900
visitors, get the results in a short period of time, and share them directly
and automatically with the project management.

Planning and implantation:

Based on our experience in this field and related projects,
Rayat Marketing team designed the project survey, according to Modon’s request, and
created its digital platform, besides the fieldwork team. 

The data was uploaded immediately and automatically on the platform of the project and was also shared directly with the project management in Modon through Rayat’s unique system CAPI. 

The final report was also uploaded on the platform.

The collected data enabled Modon to find out the strengths and weakness points of the lake services, and the suggestions of their development.